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Cell therapy from the bench to the bedside and return


The aim of this course is the diffusion of knowledge about stem cells and their therapeutic possibilities, with a special emphasis on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants and Regenerative Medicine.

The course is intended to provide a forum for scientific discussion with basic researchers and clinical experts in cell therapy, and to set out the achievements and challenges in this exciting new area of Medicine.

Specific Course Objectives are:

  • To analyse in depth the different types of stem cells, their biological properties, their laboratory manipulation and their clinical use.
  • To learn the new types of hematopoietic cell transplantation, and new approaches of immune modulation.
  • To discuss the present clinical trials of stem cell therapy for repairing organs and tissues.


Students, graduates and others interested in the subject.


Stem cells (embryonic, induced pluripotent and adult) are a potentially unlimited source of cells for research or for clinical use in transplantation. The ability of these cells to improve function or repair damaged tissue in animal models of disease has contributed to high expectations in the development of new therapies for human diseases that currently have no cure such as diabetes, Parkinson's and ischemic or degenerative diseases.

It seems appropriate to organize a forum for knowledge expansion of this type of cells, their biological characteristics, techniques of collection and handling in the laboratory and, particularly, its current and future therapeutic options, with scientists in basic science and clinic. This will get an objective, critical and useful information for the assistants.


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